How to Post YouTube videos on Instagram

How to Post YouTube videos on Instagram

In the past, sharing youtube videos to instagram has been a pretty laborious task, jumping through endless hoops to get the video in front of your followers. Downloading the video, editing it, exporting it, sending it to your phone - the list goes on! Sounds like a pain, right? Because it is! You can hardly blame people for not posintg them at all.

So, you've just seen a video and you can't help but want to post it to Instagram. You're probably feeling pretty discouraged now.

Well, not to worry - you're in luck! Now there is a super easy way to post youtube videos to your Instagram account in a matter of a few clicks. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Paste the link to the youtube video into the YouTube to Instagram tool

Start off by grabbing the link to the video from YouTube. If you can copy the link from the address bar just above the video you are watching.

If you are watching the video through the YouTube mobile app, you can access the link by tapping the 'share' icon below the video, there should then be an option to 'Copy link', tap this and it's ready to be pasted.

Once you have the link copied, go to the homepage of the YouTube to Instagram tool, here: Simply paste your link into the box and click "Let's go!".

2. Choose a section of the video to post

One thing to keep in mind is that Instagram only allows videos up to one minute long to be posted. So the second step in the process is to select which segment of the video you would like to post.

Luckily, YT to IG makes this super easy to do. Use the two buttons on the bar underneath the video to select the start and end point of your video. The timecode below the button will help you to be precise in choosing exactly which second you need. A preview will also start to play as you select the section so you can see what you will be posting.

Click the green "Next" button and your video will be trimmed down.

3. Add post details

You're nearly there! Now you just need to add a caption to your Instagram video, this will appear below the video as your followers view it. Be sure to make it imformative.

You'll notice there are two options to continue with. A small YT to IG logo has been applied to the video. You can either continue and post the video with this logo for free, or you can pay just $3 to remove the logo. It's your choice depending on what you think is best for your followers.

Whether you remove the logo or not, you now just have one more step left to post your video! If you click "Continue with watermark" (or if you have removed the watermark there will be an option that says "Log into Instagram"), a pop up will appear where you need to enter the login details of the Instagram account that you'd like to post.

Just click "Post your video" and your video will start to be posted to Instagram. It will take a moment to process this, you will be met with a confirmation page that informs you that your video has been posted.

That's it! Your video is now live on Instagram.

If you have any questions or queries about this please feel free to contact me via twitter and I'll be happy to help - @McGregor_Jamie.

by @McGregor_Jamie